After hiking and biking dozens of countries, the founders of Viking Biking had a vision of a more dynamic way to visit Oslo, one of the most active cities in the world. The inhabitants of this green city enjoy thousands of kilometers of hiking paths and ski trails in the city woods, hundreds of lakes surrounding the city and forty islands dotting the Oslo fjord. We think an active and green city deserves an active and green way to discover it! And our guides are the perfect locals to show you the real Oslo, full of energy and activity.

About the Owners

Born and raised near Philadelphia (USA), Curtis came to Europe in 1998 and has spent most of his time here since then. After completing a master’s degree in France, he worked with the International Red Cross in Geneva for nearly seven years. While there, he met a wonderful neighbor who worked at the United Nations … a Norwegian girl who is the reason Curtis is in Oslo, and they are now married with two young children.

Growing up in the American west, Ben spent weekends of his youth mountain biking. It was in 2006 while in Geneva with the International Red Cross that Ben met Curtis and maintained their friendship across the Atlantic until he excitedly signed on to help launch from afar Viking Biking. Ben and his family now live near Washington D.C. where he works for the Office of the President of the United States.

Kris is no stranger to the bike, having completed long-distance tours from Sweden to Portugal and back to Norway, among other impressive rides. Originally a guide with Viking Biking in 2012-13, Kris now works as a translator for the National Bank of Norway. He maintains strong ties to Viking Biking, helping out in a variety of capacities, and became a partial owner in 2015.

About the Guides

Back for his fifth season, Paul is Viking Biking's lead tour guide. This dual English-French citizen is in Norway for love, with his Norwegian wife and daughter. Expect to be captivated on Paul's tours thanks to his background in theatre and acting, both on the live stage in London and on various Norwegian television shows, commercials and music videos.

A guide with Viking Biking since the company launched, Tuva also has five years of previous tour guiding experience, with the Norwegian Mining Museum in Konsberg. She is active in the music community, singing in a choir and volunteering with various music festivals. While not on her bike or singing, Tuva is making the world a better place, working for the Norwegian Peace Council and The United Nations Association of Norway.

Josh is the Viking Biking expert in outdoor life in Oslo. Not only does he hold a master's degree in comparative outdoor living from the Norwegian Sports College, but he also lives in an old wooden cabin in the amazing Oslo forest at Frognerseteren, where he is responsible for organizing outdoor events up in the wilderness. 2016 is Josh's third season with the company.

Simona has spent most of the past 9 years in the tourism sector, first organizing tours for cruise passengers in her native Lithuania and more recently working in various hotels in Oslo. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and volunteered extensively with "Hope Run" to support oncology patients. In her free time, Simona takes advantage of the amazing nature all around Oslo and throughout Norway.

A native of Oslo, Emma loves to share her city with visitors. She can talk about it from both a local and foreign perspective, as she grew up in an international bilingual family and has lived in Italy, India, Vietnam and Scotland. Emma is currently a student in Edinburg, pursuing her degree in Arabic and Politics. In her spare time, she has volunteered and worked with Amnesty International and the Red Cross.

Mateusz is Viking Biking's mechanic who keeps our fleet of new bikes in great shape. Not only can he repair bikes, but he can also build them from scratch, as proven by the impressive photos on his Facebook page: In addition to being a great mechanic, Mateusz has extensive work experience in the logistics sector and a master's degree in Air Transport.

Tobias has covered nearly every corner of Norway: a tour guide in the far north in Hammerfest; manager in a guest house in the stunning Lofoten islands; a network engineer bringing mobile phone coverage to the most remote areas of the country; an officially licensed Oslo tour guide here in the capital. In his spare time, Tobias plays bike polo and has teamed up with Shane to represent Norway in the European Bike Polo Championships.

A man of many talents, Shane is both guide and qualified bike mechanic. In addition, he completed his master's degree in 2015 in marine biology from the University of Oslo. If you have questions about the Oslo Fjord or the world famous Norwegian coastline, Shane is your best resource. Shane and Tobias have teamed up twice to represent Norway in the European Bike Polo Championships!