After hiking and biking dozens of countries, the founders of Viking Biking and Oslo Active Tours had a vision of a more dynamic way to visit Oslo, one of the most active cities in the world. The inhabitants of this green city enjoy thousands of kilometers of hiking paths and ski trails in the city woods, hundreds of lakes surrounding the city and forty islands dotting the Oslo fjord. We think an active and green city deserves an active and green way to discover it! And our guides are the perfect locals to show you the real Oslo, full of endless opportunities for outdoor fun.

Our Viking Chieftans

From the east coast of the USA, Curtis first came to Europe in 1998. Before starting this company, he worked with the International Red Cross in Geneva for many years. More importantly, while there he met a Norwegian girl who is now his wife and together they have two young children.

Growing up in the American west, Ben spent weekends of his youth mountain biking. It was in 2006 in Geneva that Ben met Curtis and maintained their friendship across the Atlantic until he excitedly signed on to help launch from afar Viking Biking. Ben and his family now live near Washington D.C.

A guide with Viking Biking since the company launched, Tuva joined the company's Board of Directors in 2017. While not on her bike, Tuva is either making bike themed jewelry for the Viking Biking souvenir shop or making the world a better place, working for the Norwegian Peace Council and the United Nations Association of Norway.

Kris is no stranger to the bike, and even rode from Scandinavia to Portugal with his wife, among other impressive rides. Originally a guide with Viking Biking in 2012-13, Kris now works as an English-Norwegian translator but maintains strong ties to Viking Biking and became a partial owner in 2016.

Our Viking Warriors

Josh is the company expert in outdoor life in Oslo, with a master's degree in comparative outdoor living from the Norwegian Sports College and plenty of work experience in various capacities in both the city's forest and islands. 2017 is Josh's fourth season with the company.

A native of Oslo, Emma loves to share her city with visitors. She can talk about it from both a local and foreign perspective, as she grew up in an international family and has lived in Italy, India, Vietnam and Scotland. Emma is currently a student in Edinburg, pursuing her degree in Arabic and Politics.

Ready for his second season of guiding, Patrick is a native who lives along the Akerselva River. He can guide in both native Norwegian and English, thanks to growing up in a bilingual household. Involved in singing, Patrick is known to break out in song during tour to share some funny or relevant song from Norway. Don't be shy to ask him to sing!

A student in Human Geography in Oslo, Ellinor is from the west coast of Norway, raised in a Norwegian-English family. She has worked in tourism for many years, including on her native island south of Bergen. Ellinor has yet to come to the shop without a big smile and is one of the friendliest Vikings you will ever meet!

Christian is Viking Biking's mechanic who keeps our fleet of new bikes in great shape. He comes with a long background in bike repair at various shops in the Oslo region, and also works with some of the country's largest professional bike races like the Tour of Norway. A man of many talents, he also guides our Oslo Nature Walks on the islands and in the forest.

An international man of outdoor living, Shafiq has perhaps the most interesting background in the company. Raised in London with parents from Germany and Mauritius, he has worked as a guide in Thailand, Canada and the mountains of southern Norway. With a master's degree in comparative outdoor living from the Norwegian Sports College, he is the perfect guide to show our customers active living in Oslo.

Growing up in an sporty family on the west side of Oslo, Anne is a perfect fit for Viking Biking and Oslo Active Tours. She previously worked as a climbing instructor and knows the best places to rock climb in the city's forest. Currently a student in Scotland, don't let her UK accent fool you as she is an Oslo native!

Tobias has covered nearly every corner of Norway: a tour guide in the far north in Hammerfest; manager in a guest house in the stunning Lofoten islands; a network engineer bringing mobile phone coverage to the most remote areas of the country; an officially licensed Oslo tour guide here in the capital. A native of Germany, Tobias is Viking Biking's primary guide for German language tours.

Simona has spent most of the past 10 years in the tourism sector, first organizing tours for cruise passengers in her native Lithuania and more recently working in various hotels in Oslo. She has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and also runs the Viking Biking souvenir shop, which sells goods produced by Simona, Tuva and other Viking Biking staff!

A native of Taiwan, Dawn is currently writing her master's thesis in comparative outdoor living at the Norwegian Sports College. She works in the Viking Biking shop helping customers with bike rentals, and will also help Oslo Active Tours develop its presence in the Chinese speaking market for 2017 and beyond.