Bike Tour: Forest to Fjord

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iA unique experience in Europe! The four hour bike tour leads through an immense wilderness called the marka, full of wild berries, dozens of lakes, moose, and stunning views of Oslo and the fjord below. We even have time to stop at a traditional farm complex in the middle of the forest which now serves as a café and restaurant. After experiencing Oslo's wilderness, the ride returns to the city along a river path, passing numerous waterfalls. Nearly the entire bike tour is in car-free areas.


This tour is run as a private tour only and participants must be at least 16 years old. Price (in Norwegian kroner) is as follows:

Off-season (October through April) High season (May through September)
1 pax 4800 kroner
2 pax 2400 kroner pp
3 pax 1600 kroner pp
4 pax 1200 kroner pp
5 pax 960 kroner pp
6 pax 800 kroner pp
7 pax 685 kroner pp
8 pax 600 kroner pp
9 pax or more 550 kroner pp

* Tour price includes metro ticket (see additional information below)


This private tour is only, available mid-May through mid-October


The tour consists of many stepp downhills and uphills, so participants should be advanced bikers. Most of the riding is on dirt and gravel. Children must be 16 or older to participate. Total distance is about 30km (18 miles). 


Please arrive at the Viking Biking shop at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. All tours include helmet.

At the start of the tour, the group will take metro line 1 to the starting point of the forest at Frognerseteren. Water, energy bars, rain poncho and souvenirs available for purchase in the Viking Biking shop.

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  • Stunning views of Oslo, its fjord and its vast forest;
  • Beautifully maintained forest paths taking you through an untouched urban wilderness;
  • Stops at Frognerseteren and Ullevålseter, two beautifully preserved old farm complexes which now serve as cafés;
  • A ride around one of Oslo's largest lakes, Maridalsvannet;
  • Riding the entire Akerselva River path, with possible time to stop for a swim weather and time permitting.


  1. Frognerseteren
  2. UllevÄlseter
  3. Maridalsvannet
  4. Akerselva River
  5. Akerselva River
  6. Return to city via Torggata
  7. Return to the Viking Biking shop