Whether you want to explore Oslo for a long weekend, or take the challenge of riding to the west coast fjords, Viking Biking has a multiple day bike rental to meet your needs. To rent a multiple day bike, simply pay on our website for the bike you want for the first 24 hours. Then send us an email with the exact dates you wish to rent and you can pay the rest of the amount when you come to pick up your bike. Prices are as follows:


Category First 24 Hours Second 24 Hours Every day after...
City Adult 200 kroner +200 kroner +125 kroner
City Youth/Student 175 +175 +100
Hybrid Sport Adult 275 +275 +175
Hybrid Sport Youth/Student 240 +240 +150
Children ages 1-11 125 +125 +75









Bike panniers to attach to the back rack are available for a one-time flat fee of 200 kroner. Pump and repair kit are available for a one-time fee of 25 kroner. If interested, please let us know by email.